Online course on Self-Adjusting Networks (with Prof. Stefan Schmid)

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Introduction to computer networks undergraduate level BGU 2022 - current 
Computer networks design undergraduate level BGU 2021 - current 
Network Algorithms graduate level BGU 2008 - current
Social Networks Analysis graduate and undergraduate level BGU 2015 - current
Computer Networks - CS168 graduate and undergraduate level Brown University 2014
Computer Communication Networks 2 undergraduate level BGU 2006-2019
Introduction to information Theory undergraduate level BGU 2006-2019
Advance Digital Communication graduate level BGU 2012-2016
Advance Topics in Networking graduate level BGU 2015-2018
Random Walks and Random Graphs summer class, graduate level USC 2006
Causality (as TA) undergraduate level UCLA 2004-2006
Introduction to Algorithms and Complexity, (as TA) undergraduate level UCLA 2004
Introduction to Computer Science II, (as TA) undergraduate level UCLA 2003
introduction to Computer Science I. (as TA) undergraduate level UCLA 2003